Saturday, 19 December 2009

Fret Not: The End Is Near

By which I mean this year's end, of course. I'm totally not talking about snow piling up outside my window and the cold seeping through walls. Although it's -16°C outside I'm sure my meaty body will survive this act of insubordination by mother nature. Stupid mother nature, don't you know we humans conquered you centuries ago? Do as we bid, or we'll treat you in the most cruel ways imaginable...wait a bit, oh, nevermind then. I'm reminded we already do.

Centuries, century... oh, yeah. Another century will be over in just a few days. Oh, the thrill of it! What will the new century bring? Opportunities? Change? Progression? And did we like the old one enough to call it affectionate names once it's over?

I should've probably thought about this earlier and started a "... of the decade" series of lists, which I completely forgot to since the media seems to have forgotten as well. Dammit media, you're not very reliable, are you? Oh yes, you aren't.

John Walker called Dragon Age: Origins the "RPG of the decade" in his PCGamer review and he's very much wrong or simply bad at math. See, Baldur's Gate II came out in 2000, a year that belongs to the oughts (what a terrible name) and is therefore the RPG of the decade. It's also rather ironic that the nineties had their decade piece delivered so late on December 12, 1999 - whereas the oughts (can we please come up with an affectionate name for them already?) had theirs not one year later. The ougths as the Decade of Stagnation? At least concerning RPGs, I'm inclined to say yes.

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