Sunday, 14 February 2010

You're Playing It Wrong: Mass Effect 2

I can't watch how most people play games anymore. It's excruciating to the point where fall into a rage and, in my ill-guided efforts to actually improve their gaming fun, completely ruin it for them. I can be difficult for sure.

So you're new to cover based shooters. Don't worry, we've all been through those five minutes at some point in our life. But we got past that. We familiarised ourselves with the rules and adapted. You, on the other hand, seem to insist on doing it wrong. I'll give you a few tips after the jump.

Here's how not to play Mass Effect 2:

Ignore cover
It's there for a reason. It protects you against most attacks and gives your weapons a bonus to accuracy. It's such an integral part of the game. Just use it, okay?

Pop out of cover to aim
Did you know you can aim before sticking your head out? And that it's the preferred way of doing it? I know, it doesn't make sense for the character. How can he see without looking first? Because magic, clearly.

Use the wrong kind of cover
Now this may sound complicated at first, but generally, whatever you take cover behind should be between you and your enemies. Believe me, hugging the wall at 9 won't protect you against any oncoming foes at 12. Because 9 becomes 12 and 12 is now 3, and 3 is totally unprotected even when your squadmates have your 6, which is 9 now. Got it?

Pick the wrong class
If you constantly forget about your abilities and can't be bothered to use them, maybe playing as an Adept or Sentinel isn't the best idea. There's a reason you can choose to be a Soldier.

Use the wrong kind of weapon
You like the Assault Rifle. I can tell by the look of it being constantly in your hands. Chances are, there's a better weapon to destroy that heavy weapons nest up on that balcony on the other side of the chasm. Maybe you should use it.

Ignore your powers
There's a reason your abilities don't need upwards of 30 seconds to recharge anymore. The designers want you to actually use them so please go ahead. Use them. They have given you absolution on constantly spamming your powers, make use of it!

Quicksave every 30 seconds
Why is "Quicksave" bound to Thumbbutton1, and "Use/Cover/Sprint" to the smaller, hard to reach Thumbbutton2? Seriously, what is wrong with you? Did you just say you had 700 Savegames for a single Character in Mass Effect? Excuse me while I go over there. Far over there...

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