Monday, 29 March 2010

Evelyn Evelyn

Whoah. Evelyn Evelyn arrived on Saturday and I've been listening to it pretty much since then. Yay for pre-orders and timely delivery! It's Jason Webley and Amanda Palmer, so fans probably know what to expect. I should've, too, but I didn't. So I'm (still) completely blown away. One moment I'm grinning and giggling at the hilarity of it, the next moment I'm wrought with grief and my eyes are welling up. I know I'm build closer to sea than I'd like, but so what. I can't help it. This is gold and everyone that disagrees is just plain wrong.

It's a musical potpourri of folk, pop, country and ukulele with interspersed (lengthy and tragic) narration and it's so effective in its simplicity and honesty. It elicits laughter and smiles at the most unexpected moments, there's hardly a way to describe it. My only criticism is that there's not enough of it. As in, skip the "Tragic Events" and you're not left with much meat. Oh the tasty, tasty meat... Does its deliciousness excuse the scarcity of it? Big YES. And if you think you know a song just by reading the title, "Myspace" will pleasantly surprise you. "Sandy Fishnets" is Jason Webley at his best, it's a song where he can really slip into the matter. The cover version of "Love will tear us apart" is extremely minimal. As in, "The XX" minimal. Just don't put this into your makeout playlist. Unless you both want to end up shattered and in tears that is.

It's ridiculous how much better Amanda Palmer gets with each subsequent release. Jason Webley is probably the best stage partner she could wish for, they're like a musical and creative match made in heaven. I'm also pretty sure there's a law against making music this good, and they've simply broken it. But I'll gladly finance their legal defense fund by buying more copies of their works, if needed. Also... "Neil Gaiman appears courtesy of Amanda Palmer" :3

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