Friday, 14 May 2010

Portal is Free

Incredible. Valve have decided to offer Portal for free on Steam - for a limited time. The offer ends May 24th and I should stress this isn't a "free to play" promotion, but rather "free to own". They're effectively giving away one of the best games of the last decade ever. There's no excuse to not own Portal now, not even having a Mac exempts you from it. Yeah, that's the other thing. Valve have also released their Steam Client (and a boatload of games) for Apple PCs running Mac OS X. Productivity in design companies is expected to crash accordingly.

This also marks the first time in three years that we've seen a life sign from GLaDOS - apparently she's still alive no I'm not making that lame joke.
Here's the announcement, brought to you by the Aperture Science Enrichment Center:

Watch out for the Black Mesa lower back tattoo and... what was that? Upcoming cooperative portal testing initiative? Co-op on Portal 2! Say it ain't so.

Portal is available right here on Steam. Where else, really.

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