Thursday, 5 August 2010

Hostile Waters: Anno 1404

Hey Ubisoft, I have a message for you. Let me channel the voice of John Stewart as much as I can, because this is important and only the man can say it as honest as I mean it. Are you ready? Okay, here it comes Ubisoft. A message for you: Go fuck yourselves.

At this point, I don't even care how good Anno 1404 might be. Or what improvements Venice brought to the table. The game is in such a broken state, still, after months and with no patch in sight. I've wasted enough energy in trying to get it to run. I have other games to play and I look forward to actually enjoy them.

Not like my issues are special, I'm in the same boat as every other buying customer. I can't save without the files becoming irrecoverably corrupted. My sprawling empire, build over the course of a day. Gone. Additionally, Anno has a habit of crashing to desktop as soon as I so much as look at it funny. Or sneeze. And the best thing is, I have apparently reached the maximum number of activations for this month. Say what?

You might say this is Related Designs' fault. But it's not. If you have a bunch of visionary, but frankly incompetent folk labouring away on one of your most prestigious franchises, you don't let them cock it up. There's only two ways to handle this right. Fire their asses and get someone else to do it, or provide them with technical assistance.

I see you did neither. Ignoring the problem and having the customers pay game first, consequences later is outright evil. This might be an accepted practice in the industry right now, but I think it's high time this changed. Not that you'd have any incentive to change. There's still money to be made, right on the backs of the people that still support you by buying your products instead of simply downloading them.

How does this make sense to you? I bet it doesn't. Not in the slightest. Yet you don't seem to care, because money is still being made and as long as the cash flows, there's no problem for capitalist bastards like you. And once the cash stops, just blame it on piracy, right?

You guys are a disgrace to this industry. Incompetent, lazy, greedy. Hurry and GTFO. I mean it.

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