Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Moving Pictures #2

I re-watched the Back to the Future Trilogy! And saw two movies called Red! One of them was good and the other had Felicia Day in it. So both were good? Anyway.

Back to the Future Trilogy
What can I say, it's a great movie, the first one that is. Why'd they make the sequels? My guess would be "for the money", and it quickly becomes very obvious that that's the case. The second BttF is a horrible retread of the first one that needlessly shifts the whole series' mood from careful (and somewhat inconsequential) joviality to this violent hodge-podge of half-baked dystopian ideas. Yeah, a time machine is probably a bad thing to mess with but come on... that's not what I signed up for when I read Back to the Future II on the cover.

All the more surprising is that Part III completely ditches its prequel's serious time jumping shenanigans and focuses on a single time period. And the comedy is back. What a relief. Both sequels were filmed back to back and yet they couldn't be more different in tone and quality. Back to the Future III is actually fun and lets the Trilogy end on an overall positive, if not very high note.

The one with Morgan Freeman as the token black dude (guess his fate). So Bruce Willis is old and retired (what's new?) and he's got the hots for that telephone line chick, who of course turns out to be a total stunner. Hollywood. And there's something about a CIA plot that I've already forgotten about.

There's competent shooting, a couple of really cool stunts and excellent performances by John Malkovich and Helen Mirren. And the story wasn't your typical cliché stuff. And it was shot very nice. I guess I liked it? An entertaining, if forgettable, movie about semi-retired special operatives could've backfired immensely (-> Expendables) but here it didn't.

Red: Werewolf Hunter
Picking up from that blurb up there, no. This one wasn't any good. I really like Felicia Day. Like, like like. But Red is definitely something I want to forget and never mention again. Of course I wasn't expecting much from a SyFy budget horror flick, who does?. The crappy special effects that they borrowed from the nineties didn't help and the glacial pacing and needless filler shots bored the crap out of me. It's not even a good bad movie.

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